The LHF Mission Statement

 LHF's objective is to ensure that all medical and emergency services personnel have access to the best mental health support network available.

Our carers need caring for too.

Start the Conversation

The Campaign

A simple pin badge worn by staff that features the following statement:

"Ask me how I am and make my day"

Designed to ensure that colleagues check in each other before, during and after their shifts as well as start a conversation between the public and the frontline staff.

The Result

In just 3 months, the Laura Hyde Foundation were able to achieve the following:

  • 18,000 badges delivered

  • 187 separate hospitals reached

  • 286 separate departments reached

  • Helped deliver 28 new wellbeing environments in hospitals


Care Packages

We have been working with some of our friends to deliver healthy wellbeing packages to our frontline staff.

We have delivered over 1,500 bars of chocolate from Seed and Bean, 1,600 coffee bags from Frontline Coffee, 50 hand moisturisers from Noble Isle, 800 Fruit Twists from Gregory's Tree and 1000 yummy bars from Perkie foods to complement our wellbeing material.

Our care packages are still being sent out so if you and your team would like one, please get in touch!