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The Laura Hyde Foundation

The LHF Mission Statement

 LHF's objective is to ensure that all medical and emergency services personnel have access to the best mental health support network available.

Our carers need caring for too.




Where we came from.....

We were established in late 2017 by Liam Barnes, after his cousin Laura passed away from suicide. 

It was Liam's wish to ensure that any medical or emergency service personnel  has access to the required mental health support at all times.

Given Laura's desire to be selfless and help other's, it is LHF's objective to ensure that those who care for us are cared for also.






The Laura Hyde Foundation was founded in late 2017 following the death of Laura Hyde on the 4th August 2016

The Laura Hyde Foundation's mission statement is to provide mental health awareness and support for all aspects of  our medical and emergency personnel so to remove the stigma around raising and discussing mental health issues.

With mental health awareness growing all of the time with taglines such as #ITSOKNOTTOBEOK, the Laura Hyde Foundation focuses specifically on our medical and emergency personnel given their exposure to trauma, conflict and external pressures