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The Laura Hyde Foundation

The LHF Mission Statement

 LHF's objective is to ensure that all medical and emergency services personnel have access to the best mental health support network available.

Our carers need caring for too.

Backing LHF - Gloucestershire NHS Trust CEO


What we Do

The LHF Overview

 As the UK's ONLY charity focused on mental health support and awareness for our emergency services, we know this brings great responsibility to drive through meaningful change. 

This sector delivers unique challenges,which is why bespoke change is required. 

This change could come in many forms such as facilitating events with the intention of breaking through the stigmas associated with mental health, providing much needed funds direct to groups and individuals to offer immediate benefit or protecting the future of our emergency services workers before issues occur with appropriate documentation and support structures.

Using the generous donations (both time and money) from our amazing supporters we are able to make a difference right now. We can and will provide focused and relevant mental health support, documentation and events for the emergency services.

Specific examples of this include:

  • Funding and oversight of a wellbeing programme for all medical students within 14 separate universities based in the South-West and Midlands. 
    • This will focus on providing our future doctors and nurses with access and understanding of self-help techniques for trauma exposure. This will made available through documentation, white papers and charity funded staff who will offer module teachings. In addition, we will provide resilience technique training to help ready them for the conflict they will be exposed to once they graduate

  • Funding of well-being initiatives alongside established NHS well-being practitioners across the South-West hospital trusts.

  • Examples of this include art therapy and pet therapy sessions that have allowed both staff and patients to come together and focus on stress relief, preventative methods and an opportunity to discuss mental health issues with suitable personnel

  • Developing clinical whitepapers and self-help material from our charity funded clinical leads covering self-help techniques which will be linked in to established employee handbooks

  • Hosting events with qualified and relevant key note speakers as part of the NHS trust conferences that focus on the topic of mental health

  • Working with local NHS trusts to develop and manage a free to use online forum for NHS staff to work with others and share experiences to build up a mental health community where individuals can seek support from others with experience in similar situations. 

The challenge is a big one but the Laura Hyde Foundation are determined to succeed and prevent further impact to our miracle workers and families. 

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Money Talk - How we Calculate our Funds

100% Donation Use


For every £1 we received in donations, we spend £1 (100%) on our charitable work. 

All running costs of the charity are at the expense of our trustees.

Our Income


We are nothing without amazing supporters who always continue to surprise us with their generosity and passion for delivering change.

Whilst 2018 has been our first year, we have been able to raise significant funds to make that core difference.

An overview of key contributors by % in 2018 can be found below:

  • Corporate sponsorship - THB, WHSmith and NFU Mutual - 37%
  • Local Business Support - 7%
  • Personal Donations - 30%
  • Fundraising Events - 26%

Our Expenditure


All of our funds raised are spent directly on improving mental health care and services for our emergency services. 

A breakdown of 2018 expenditure by % is as follows:

  • Grants to NHS well being practices - 41%
  • Grants to individuals for mental health support - 6%
  • Junior doctor/student resilience material - 23%
  • Creation of and event management for mental health seminars in 14 NHS practices - 22%
  • Development of first clinical whitepaper focusing on industry relevant mental health techniques - 8%