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The Laura Hyde Foundation

The LHF Mission Statement

 LHF's objective is to ensure that all medical and emergency services personnel have access to the best mental health support network available.

Our carers need caring for too.

Mental Health


1 in 4 people will suffer with mental health problems in their lifetime, it is not an uncommon illness and one which we need to work together to tackle.

Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social well being. It effects how we feel, think and act. It determines how we relate to others, handle stress and make choices. It is important at every stage of life. 

There are lots of types of mental health ranging from the more common anxiety and depression to the less common schizophrenia and bipolar – plus many more. 16.7% of the population have had suicidal thoughts.

In 2014 6581 died by suicide in the UK – 1850 died on UK roads.

9 out of 10 people with mental health have suffered discrimination. It is important to remember mental health is treatable and prevention is key.


Caring for our carers......

Our amazing bank of nurses, police officers, fire services, paramedics, carers, doctors to name just a few perform miracles each and every day for us.

However how often do we ask them how they are?

After all, these people are regularly exposed to the following items:

  • Exposure to traumatic situations
  • Lack of insight and support available.
  • External pressure factors
  • Self reliant.
  • Specialist – high pressure.

After all, It’s a lifestyle not a job.